Who are we?

Who are we?

Devoted to our passions.
Like most good Australian ideas, Spiral started as a fireside chat between father and son over a few beers surrounding the state of the surf industry. 
A long story short but the following question came about during our many discussions, rants and ideas;
“What if we could make wetsuits in Australia?”

That simple question spurred us on into a small business that does exactly that and more. Spiral makes custom wetsuits, surfboard fins, accessories and even things we haven’t thought of yet.

That chat evolved from my own reflections on my surfing culture and as I reflected on what our surf industry has become, I’m wasn’t proud.
Mass produced and mass marketed products of poor value made with questionable labour practices overseas...oh and sold for top dollar.
Again, I’m not proud.

Our journey hasn’t been easy, we’ve honestly made every mistake you could when learning how to make things ourselves and we can only say how grateful we are to our clients that have ordered from us. But as we approach a new phase of this Spiral idea we have nothing but confidence and excitement for what is in store.

“My goal with Spiral is to create a brand that surfers can be proud to wear again.
Using the highest quality materials, design done by surfers - for actual surfers and with everything built within Australia are Spiral’s three primary approaches.

So I thank you for taking the time to read up on Spiral and if some of these points hit a note, please drop us a line, say g’day and if you’re up for it grab a wetty, fin or shirt while yer at it”.

Yours truly,
Jordan Morris - CEO