Western Australian Handmade

Australian Made

Spiral is 100% Australian Made.
A novel rarity in the Australian surf industry landscape but Spiral Wetsuits and all of its products are proudly Western Australian made. Yahooo!
We take enormous pride in being able to say this because we have invested the time, money and expertise in this homegrown capability.
Believe us when we say it wasn't easy.
All of us here at Spiral are passionate about what we do and your support means we can continue to pursue our passions. This is how the surf industry started in Australia and in our opinion what it needs to go back too.
You can purchase any of our products knowing full well that West Aussies designed, tested and produced them and that your hard earned money goes straight back into the Australian surf community.
But why Australian made?
The driving factor behind our choice to totally commit to Australian made is quality.
What this means is control - we have total design/production control and we rely on ourselves to keep our standards high.
Our control factor is key as having things produced overseas has enormous risk involved and as a result very little control. Things can and do go wrong very quick and the people that usually pay for it are the customers. Our risk is limited to our dusty workshop doors and can always be fixed by our own hands and a good coffee or cheeky beer/s.
All of our employees have years of hands on experience in creating their respective products. 
We took the usual idea of making things for as cheap as possible and turned it into how can we make the best possible product? This is the only factor that determines the price of our products.  
Wetsuit companies these days try to sell customers on the idea that cheaper is better but the physical waste, compounding seasonal cost and lack of choice begs to differ.
Would you rather buy one fantastic wetsuit or continually buy the same cheap nasty wetty every year? 
Cheap wetsuits aren't good and good wetsuits aren't cheap. 
Western Australians produce your products - plain and simple. We do not outsource any production overseas and firmly believe supporting your fellow sandgropers is about as ethical as you can get. We don't need certifications on ethical this or fair work that. Australian labour laws, wages and awards are what guarantee our commitment to our employees.
We do not mass produce anything. Everything is slowly handmade with waste being kept to a minimum and/or upcycled into other products. 
Our use of Yamamoto limestone based material in our all of our current wetsuits was a choice deliberately with top quality wetsuits in mind. Warmer, more flexible, stronger and longer-lasting is what Yamamoto material has over all its competitors.
We are aiming for the introduction of plant-based Yulex material in 2024 to give a secondary choice to our customers in terms of which material they'd like.
Shipping and freight is simply getting our material sheets to the workshop and then shipping the finished product to the customer. That's it. 
Our Recycling Program ensures that any waste created is upcycled into a new useable product - think stubby holders, pencil cases etc. We even take old worn out wetsuits and turn them into whole new products to keep them out of landfill.
Phew! There's a lot of info here to unpack but I hope this gives you a good understanding of what we're about.