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Spiral Wetsuits

Ladies Shortjane

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The shorter but equally stylish Ladies Shortjane keeps your core warm while your arms and legs are free for an unbound or unrestrained surf sesh.

Made with premium 2mm Yamamoto limestone rubber, you are always guaranteed a well above average level of warmth while the superior memory of the rubber means the suit lasts a heck of a lot longer than normal neoprene.

Fully customisable to your hearts content or available in a standard construction – you choose and like everything else we do this suit is 100% made by Western Australian hands.

Features include:

  • Premium number 39 Yamamoto limestone-based rubber.
  • 2mm material.
  • Smooth and stretchy fit for ease of access and removal.
  • Turnover style finishing for added comfort around your neck, underarms, and lower thighs.
  • Unique front zip design.
  • Double glued and double-blind stitched seams.
  • 100% tied off seams.